Core Fit : building strength & flexibility

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Coming January 2017  to Wild Wolf’s Yoga, Bristol.

Thank you to all of those who attended the sampler class on the open weekend and for all the positive feedback.  I look forward to seeing you again.

A workout to enhance and support all other fitness/exercise regimes, especially for sedentary office-based workers. Combining yoga, pilates, PT training techniques and over 30 years of teaching, this specialised class is suitable for all levels and all ages.

No longer is it appropriate or sufficient to do ‘ab crunches’ as part of your fitness regime. The deep abdominal muscles must first be worked, before the main ‘six-pack muscles, and, the back muscles must be strengthened.

Within the teaching you will gain a solid foundation and understanding of how to work your deep core muscles, to allow you to tackle with confidence many of the more advanced core exercises that are available and that are on offer at Wild Wolf’s Yoga – see Stretch & Strength Bootcamp.

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