My interest in fitness began in my 20’s. I was a computer programmer and consequently desk-bound all day. So I decided to try all of the exercise and dance styles at The Dance Centre London. I was not very good at any dance styles, but loved Body Conditioning. My day job took me all over the country and finally, I wrote a car off whilst travelling to upgrade a computer system in Stockport. That was the wake-up call I needed to change careers before the job killed me.

I have been so very fortunate, because it has been possible to combine being a mother to 2 beautiful daughters, with a teaching schedule that continually evolved as they grew & their needs changed. Also I love learning. I love the science of exercise and that new research continues to astound us ….human bodies are amazing.

I have over 30 years of teaching experience. I have taught teenagers within the school timetable who couldn’t see why they should exercise at all and in the same week gone into a care home and taught a ‘Nearly Ninety’s’ class, with the average age a mere 91. I have looked after, cherished & encouraged and trained young stroke sufferers and been part of the University of Bath research project for stroke sufferers. My group improved the most. Click here to learn more about Different Strokes in Bristol.

I taught postnatal exercise at Horfield Leisure Centre for many years, briefly stopped because I was feeling broody (my 2 girls were 10 & 11 at the time) then took it back up after a break. I am proud to say this was a very successful and popular class.

I also taught large Aerobic classes (80 participants) and Body conditioning (50). However, Step Aerobics was where I found my passion. I loved the challenge of choreography (remember I was no good at dance!) and of taking beginners who struggled with left & right feet to eventually master advanced choreography. Quite a task when there are 50 in the class of all abilities at the same time. I taught this for 20 years and reluctantly, very reluctantly, gave up because Bristol traffic made getting to the classes simply untenable. So I swapped my step for a yoga mat. Much to my surprise, and more importantly my ex-steppers, I love being on my yoga mat.

I have taught a class of ‘Over 50’s’ for the last 15 years, and they have shown me that there is no age to ever hang up one’s trainers, nor, lose the fun & laughter a group exercise class provides. They are a joy to teach. I feel exceedingly lucky every time I teach them. And some of them are now 85. 

I currently work at a Chiropractor’s teaching back and neck rehab. Click here for Clifton Chiropractic Clinic

I also offer one-to-one personal training and will be starting a Core Fit class in the New Year at the wonderful space that is Wild Wolfs Yoga. See separate post.

I love the variety a normal week provides and have never lost my passion for teaching. I look at every body as being unique and love the challenge of finding the right ‘fit’ in exercise terms for each and every one of you.



Certificate in Exercise & Health Studies – University of Bristol 1985

Advanced Instructor Module – Anatomy & Applied Kinesiology – Loughborough University 1994

Advanced Instructor Module – Sports Injury & Rehabilitation  – Loughborough University 1994

Advanced Instructor Module – Step Aerobics – Reading University 1995

Advanced Instructor Module – Pre & Post Natal Exercise – London 1995 accredited by A.C.E (American College of Exercise) & A.C.O.G (American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists)


Continuing Education: 

I also attended many workshops and conventions from 1992 – 2002 & I  have covered all the developing exercise trends from 1992 onwards. It’s been fascinating!

My studies on yoga are more current:

Christopher Gladwell – 10 weekends of a Yoga Foundation course

Ray Long M.D. Workshop – Anatomy for Yoga

Leslie Kaminoff Yoga Workshop – Integrating Breath and Bandha in Asana

I have read extensively and more recently my interest has been focused on the role of fascia in the body and how that has changed how we view stretching.