A fitness guru? Most definitely!

I have participated in Kate’s classes in a variety of locations around Bristol for over 30 years. From Body Conditioning, through Total Toning to Step Aerobics, all have been exceptional. Her knowledge of anatomy, coupled with extremely well-thought-out routines that target every part of the body (even those that I didn’t know existed) have been combined with a sense of fun and friendly encouragement. The number of her class members who have remained loyal ‘regulars’ year after year is a mark of her ability and commitment.

Thanks to Kate’s informative teaching (the how & why you’re doing something) I am now able to spot and avoid unhealthy or dangerous moves espoused by less experienced instructors.

I am pleased to be able to call Kate a good friend and thanks to her I am still exercising regularly. Hopefully this will continue for many more years.

Val C
November 2016


From a Thank you card…..
Just a little ‘Thank you’ for providing such a fantastic exercise opportunity for me. Your classes are in a league of their own – so keep it up!!

Heather – Senior Physiotherapist
April 2013


For the last sixteen years, I have suffered from sciatica and been unable to do my daily jog, which I’ve missed very much. My GP diagnosed this without any scans or X-rays, told me to give up running and I accepted his diagnosis. When Kate began to help me raise my overall fitness levels, she quickly realised that my sciatica was only a symptom – not the root cause. She told me that my hamstrings were too short and my core fitness (especially around my lower back) was poor.

Over the last 7 months, working on specific exercises tailored to my needs, Kate has worked wonders ! Not only am I stronger, my niggling back pains have completely gone. Several things impress me about the way Kate works: she understands anatomy in great detail and knows what works & why, she continually adjusts the exercises based on what suits me best and what is going to get the best results.

I feel great. Stronger, more flexible, fitter and I can touch my toes for the first time in 20 years ! And I am looking forward to starting my daily jog again, very soon. Thanks so much, Kate.”

November 2016


I first met Kate when she stood in for a class at Bodywork Studios in 1982. It was a revelation and I didn’t use another exercise teacher for 30+ years. I’ve followed Kate faithfully from venue to venue. It didn’t matter where she was teaching, I along with a large following would be there. She made me feel safe and always made classes entertaining and fresh – especially after she’d been to Loughborough University to update her knowledge and after one such visit, introduce us to her now infamous blue bands!

I was devastated when she finally called time on her Friday morning class. However we are still firm friends and due to her lasting influence, I am still exercising at 76.

Val P


I started attending keep-fit classes almost 25 years ago once my rugby playing days were over. I tried many types of keep-fit with numerous teachers. During those early classes in the 90’s, high impact aerobics tended to be the “in” thing. It caused me no end of joint issues.

Then I started to attend Kate’s step and aerobics classes. What a difference! Her encyclopaedic knowledge of anatomy combined with the safe way she taught the class was just what I needed. I could always rely on Kate to give well thought-out advice about how I could exercise safely. The classes were a joy to attend. I’d been to other exercise classes where the routine rarely changed, but Kate’s inventiveness and desire to keep it fresh kept the class members coming back time and time again.
Thank you Kate