Core strength – why do it.

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No longer is it appropriate or sufficient to do ‘ab crunches’ as part of your fitness regime. The deep abdominal muscles must first be worked, with much less emphasis on the ‘six-pack’ muscles, and back muscles must be strengthened.

Also, after many years of scientific research, the role of fascia in the body is now better understood. This workout will incorporate warm-ups/stretch segments that utilise this research.

We have many muscles in our core that we cannot consciously move but are of paramount importance. Inactivity causes these muscles to weaken and eventually the brain ceases to use them. Poor posture or back/neck ache results. Using current methods of exercise this workout will address all these issues.

Most of you will know that the core muscles are much more than your abdominals. In fact they are everything that is left once you remove the arms, legs and head! For instance this workout will address strengthening the buttocks and the very important lower back fascia that is crucial to the stability of the SI joint (sacroiliac joint). This are becomes very weak with the modern sedentary work based life. It will also incorporate moves to strengthen the upper body, shoulders and neck area whilst addressing the need to fully stretch this area.

There will be elements that will look familiar to yogis or pilates followers, or PT clients and perhaps a few that will be new. No previous experience is needed nor a particularly supple body as the fascial stretching will be accessible to everyone.

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